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Thanks to all the people who have been pestering me over the last couple of years to get back into writing. Eps 23-25 are up and more are on their way in the coming months.

*Part 25*


    It had been sometime since the Autobots had decided to let the little femme stay with them, instead of sending her somewhere else like they had with the other youths, she had ended up staying on the Autobot base.

But the little femme wasn’t so little anymore.

As Sunstreaker no doubt discovered.

He was still in the process of starting up most of his systems again from a recharge and was still not paying full attention. He had come out into the entry area of the shared room with his brother, where there was a somewhat Earth style lounge with a full entertainment unit.

    But he had to readjust his optics when he looked at the lounge. For a moment he had thought he had seen a black foot sitting up on top of the couch and when he went to have a closer look, there was something there that was even more of a surprise.

    Shadow was groggy herself. She was beginning to recollect recent events that had happened while she was away and also process her own memories at the same time and it was giving her a nasty headache from the information overload. Sometime the night before she had powered down as her smaller, silver and gold self and now she had awoken as her adult black armoured self. Whatever damage her body had been suffering for the last few months, had finally rectified itself and she was now coming around.

    She wasn’t expecting to come online and see another persons face. She freaked out even more when she realised she was somewhere she didn’t really remember being and called out, then fell onto the floor when she tried to get away from this person.

    Sideswipe was just wiping his faceplate down after getting off his recharge cot and heard the noise. Without thinking first, he took his photon rifle out of subspace and ran out into the entry area looking for trouble.

    What he saw confused him. He wasn’t expecting the black femme.

    “Meridian?” He asked confused, putting his gun away again.

    The black femme got herself up off the floor, looked at him and scoffed, “Don’t call me that.” She turned to Sunstreaker, “And get this thing away from me. I have more pleasant things to think about than wake up looking at that!” She shoved him aside as she went past him to the door of the quarters to get out.

    Sideswipe snickered for a moment, but then went to deter the femme from leaving.

    “Speak for yourself.” Sunstreaker said back to her in a surly tone.

    She spoke, “Then I guess we’re both ugly as the pit.” She retorted in an attempt to get under his chassis.

    “Look who’s calling who ugly.” Sunstreaker spat.

    The comment did rile the yellow mech up and Sideswipe had to step between the two. She glared right back at Sunstreaker while Sideswipe talked him down.

    “C’mon bro’ don’t worry about it!” He said as he tried to calm him.

    “Lucky for you, I have to go and start my patrol shift.” Sunstreaker snarled as he left.

Sideswipe vented out, “You know you really shouldn’t rile him up like that, he can get a bit…nasty.” The red mech emphasised the last word.

“Do I look like I even care?” Shadow responded.

“Well you look like something…” Sideswipe noted shaking his head casing, “But, I don’t know what to make of this.” He gestured to her.

    She crossed her arms and huffed to herself. “Just don’t go calling me Meridian.” And she all but confirmed for Sideswipe that she was the silver and gold femme.

    Sideswipe indicated first a shorter size then a larger size, “How did you get from this to this?”

    “Nanotechnology.” Was all she would say. She then went and turned towards the door. “I’m leaving.”

    Sideswipe followed her out the door trying to get her to stay, “You don’t want to stick around?”

    Shadow stopped and vented out. She didn’t like to try being nice to or open with others but with all her memories coming in now, she had recalled Sideswipe watching out for her while she was smaller. “Thanks.” She said to him, and then she disappeared into a shadowed wall.

    “For what?”

    Sideswipe felt at a loss to her disappearance. He was very fond of the little silver and gold femme. Her company had been a lot more fun than his brother. And while he had no real explanation as to how she had changed into the surly black femme, she had somewhat admitted to it being her. But…now Sideswipe wanted her back again, he didn’t care what she looked like now.

    “Lose somethin’ red?” Jazz asked as he passed him in the hall.

    It was enough to break him out of his reverie, “Oh hey Jazz.”

    “Y’good red, y’look like y’just lost somethin’ real important?”

    Sideswipe told him what had happened.

    “…So yeah that about sums it up.” Sideswipe finished.

    “She kinda grows on ya, don’ she!” Jazz mused, thinking about his own time with Shadow when they had first met her.

    “I guess she does!” The red Lamborghini lamented.

    Jazz would have spent more time talking to Sideswipe about what had just happened but he had somewhere to be and someone to visit and he left the red mech to his thoughts.


    “Took ya long enough, it’s been months?” Wynona commented upon seeing who had just walked into her farmhouse kitchen.

    Aurora said nothing as she went past down to the music room at the end of the hall so she could be alone.

    Wynona followed her and leaned against the door frame.

    “What?” She questioned the older female.

    “Di’n say nothin’ kid?” She replied.

    “But I know you will.” Aurora murmured to herself.

    “Yes!” Wynona sat down next the younger female, crossed one leg over the other and leant back with her arms behind her head in the plush armchair. “So you gon’ tell me who it is y’like or do ‘ave t’tickle it outta ya!”

    Aurora got up quickly and moved away from Wynona when she made a move towards her. “Like slag you will.”

    Wynona burst out laughing. Aurora growled at her.

    “Look if y’that worried ‘bout it, then distract y’self with the red one. It is the red one you like ain’t it? He looks like th’casual type anyway.” Wynona mused. Aurora didn’t even need to tell her anything about her conflicted emotions because of the bond they shared through Wynona’s black orb. They had no secrets from each other, the orb wouldn’t let them. It liked both and let them share that connection even when they did not want to. But both had over time learnt to block each other out on occasion and Wynona often asked things just to get them out in the open for the sake of it. “It’s been too long since y’had some fun out there, as least as long as it’s been since y’lost Sky Strike. An’ just ‘cause sunshine looks exactly like him don’ mean y’can’t still be around ‘em...”

    “That’s not what I’m worried about.” Aurora interrupted.

    “Well then, move on, stop mullin’ over it. Y’been sayin’ f’years you don’ blame y’self for his death, time t’start beleivin’ it and get over it.”

    “Oh that’s great stuff comin’ from the Queen of all hang ons?”

    “My issue is different.” Wynona snapped.

    “How can having a thing for ol’ bucket head be different?” Aurora argued.

    “Coz’ we’re tryin t’kill each other.” Wynona smirked.

    “Shame he hasn’t succeeded.” Aurora murmured to herself, which got her a clip across the back of the head by Wynona.

    Aurora was momentarily distracted by her phone vibrating in her pocket. Jazz had sent her a message. ‘Sideswipe said ya made an appearance, nice to see ya back Shades!’

    Aurora looked from her phone to Wynona and sighed.

    Wynona snickered to herself. “Won’ matter how many times y’change th’codin’ on y’phone, he will find a way past it.”

    “Then you should stop helping him.” Aurora accused her elder. “I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with him. You’re no better than what the human’s call their older femmes, what was it? A cougar?” Aurora knew the particular coding to protect her device was unique to her ingenuity and intelligence and the only other one who could even hope to get past it was Wynona. And being that she knew what Wynona had been doing lately, it was openly suspect she had been helping Jazz to keep in contact with the younger femme.

    “Well we all need t’socialise. An’ since they know ‘bout us now, there’s no ‘arm in a little fun now is there eh?”

    “You’re as bad as Rusty.” Aurora said flatly as she put her music gear away and left. “Worse even.”

    Wynona followed her out and silently murmured, “’T’least I’ve got some taste.”

    She noticed Aurora had taken the keys to her silver Corvette Stingray instead of her black Reventon for once. All of Aurora’s cars, bar her Reventon, were technologically keyed to be able to drive themselves under Aurora’s control and the silver Corvette stopped and opened a door for Aurora when it arrived in front of the house after exiting from the showroom down the road.

    Aurora gave Wynona a last gruff look before she left and said, “I’m going out.”

    Wynona waited as she drove off, almost running a white Porsche off the driveway in her haste.

    “She in a mood or somethin’?” Jazz asked after transforming outside the farmhouse porch.

    “No more’n usual.” Wynona coughed choking on the dust being riled up in the air. “Oh an’ she knows ‘bout a few things too.”

    Jazz put two and two together and shrugged, shifting into his Pretender shell and stepping up to the porch next to Wynona and put his arm around her as she turned to go inside.

    “It ain’t like we’re tryin’ t’hide anything anyway, we all have needs don’ we?”

    Wynona smiled back at the saboteur as she closed the front door behind her.


    Weeks later, Autobot base.

    Rusty and Violet had now started to settle into their new roles as recruits at Mt St Hilary at Autobot Headquarters on Earth.

    While today, Violet was out on a training exercise with the Aerialbots, Rusty was working with some others on the base to unload Skylynx and greet some new visitors from Cybertron.

    Ultra Magnus had come for some face to face business to discuss with Optimus Prime. He also had four others with him, Hot Rod, Blurr, Drift and Chromia.

    “Hey Hot Rod,” Drift warned, “You better watch out!”

    The white mech could only wince as his friend was too busy talking to Blurr and didn’t see a tall red femme step in front of him and he slammed right into her and fell with a thud to the floor.

    Hot Rod was disoriented as he was lifted with two hands from the floor onto his peds again.

    “Sorry. Wasn’t paying attention,” He mused to himself before his optics readjusted and saw who lifted him up. “Uh, hello!”

    “Hello yourself handsome!” Rusty flickered a single optic at him before she turned to get back to her work.

    Ultra Magnus had stopped to watch what was going on and noticed Brawn and Huffer off to one side sitting on a box, “Should you two not be helping also?” He queried.

    Both of the mini-bots had slowed down their work and gradually let Rusty take on a lot of the heavier materials. Brawn was loathe to admit that the femme was stronger than he was but she never complained about the work and often volunteered to do work for him. Not that he was a slacker by any means, he just liked watching her work, as did many of the other mechs on the base.

    Both the min-bots cleared their vocalisers and a “Yes Sir” was heard before they rejoined the tall femme.

    Optimus Prime and Prowl had joined them and Optimus greeted the visitors.

    “Is there any more like her?” Hot Rod questioned.

    “I don’t think that is an appropriate enquiry Hot Rod.” Ultra Magnus answered him.

    Prowl interjected, “The other femme is on a training patrol with the Aerialbots. She isn’t as…sociable, as this one.”

    It was the most polite word he could come up with considering some of the activities Rusty had been engaged in of late. He was not going to judge her, but he still had issues with the morality of her actions, among other things that had also occured.

    Ultra Magnus’ entourage moved off downstairs into the Autobots Earth Base with Prowl to get acquainted while Ultra Magnus himself stayed behind to talk to Optimus. Both continued to watch Rusty.

    “I was concerned when you gave me the report about this one and the other…Violet, I think her name was?” Ultra Magnus had trouble pronouncing the word as it was unusual, not something from the Cybetronian language he felt, more the Earthen language.

    “There are others but these two are the only recruits,” Optimus began, “But as luck would have it, the uh…leader of the rest of them is here today with other visitors.”

    “Oh and who might that be?” The tall Cybertronian asked.

    “The one you took such a dislike to on Cybertron some time ago.”

    “Lone Star?” Ultra Magnus’ optics widened in surprise, “This is where she is hiding? After she disappeared from that room on Cybertron, I wasted resources looking for her on the planet but she was not to be found!”

    “If it makes you feel any better, she has never been on this base unescorted. Red Alert is of the same mind of your reports about the femme and will not leave her alone anywhere. But she has never set ped out of place while here.”

    “Why is she here?”

    “There was an issue with some sort of drone that has been keeping Skydive’s company since he returned from his jaunt. Lone Star, or Steelwind as we know her and one of her associates has knowledge of old Cybertronian language and technology and is attempting to either communicate with the drone or get it functional again out of a favour to Skydive.” Optimus explained. He did not know the full storybut as he was waiting for the full report from Ratchet and Wheeljack, he could only explain as best he could for the time being.


    Elsewhere in the Medical bay.

    “Dial down the scrolling speed, I can’t keep up with the dialogue on the screen?”

    Heartbeat had come in response to a request from Shadow and Steelwind to help with this project. She was way out of her league here technologically but it was still a learning experience for her and an opportunity she would not ordinarily get.

    “You see what I’m seeing right?” Shadow questioned.

    Heartbeat gave her a sideways look. “Do I not have optics, of course I can see that, but do I understand it? No. I do not speak ancient Cybertronian nor can I understand these lines of code?”

    Ratchet and Wheeljack could only step back and watch. While they were both knowledgeable in various forms of both medical and technological engineering relating to Cybertronians and their physiology, what these femmes were doing here in front of them was way beyond anything they’d ever seen before.

    “It all looks like a bunch of Hocus Pocus if you ask me.” Ratchet scowled.

    Wheeljack knew he was still sore for being told to get out of the way and let the femmes do their thing. And they had told him off in his own Medical bay of all places too, which made him even more sour than usual.

    “Well at least we get to watch and learn.” Wheeljack tried to cheer his friend up. Ratchet scoffed at the whole ordeal and retreated back into his office.

    But just as he was about to enter, a clanging noise was heard behind him.

    “Somethin’ jus’ fell out’f its subspace pocket?” Steelwind cautioned them. She didn’t even know why she had been dragged into this mess and was sitting off to the side bored, but took notice when some small metal ring fell and began to roll towards Ratchet. But neither of the other two femmes had heard her and were too entrenched in what they were doing to hear or see anything else.

    The metal ring rolled right up to Ratchet and stopped when it hit the outside edge of his left ped. He stopped before entering his office and turned around to pick it up.

    Wheeljack would not forget the look on his friends face when he began to read an inscription on the inside of the metal ring. He watched intently as his friend dropped the ring and put one hand on the doorframe and the other over his face and was barely able to reach him before Ratchet collapsed onto his knee guards.

    “Wha’s ‘happened t’him?” Steelwind asked.

    “I have no idea actually?” Wheeljack struggled with his heavier friends frame, “I saw him read something from the ring and then down he went?”

    Shadow and Heartbeat were still so caught up in what they were doing that they didn’t even bat an optic at what was now happening behind them.

    Once Steelwind helped Wheeljack with Ratchet onto his office chair, she went and retrieved the ring Ratchet had dropped. It was a nicely made and intricately woven piece of jewellery, like the sort of thing a female human would wear if married to another, but it was Cybertronian sized. Made out of Electrum, platinum and some other metal Steelwind did not recognize. On the bottom part of the ring where all the metals were melded together seemlessly was a simple message in Cybetronian that read “For my Sweet Spark.”

    “Y’know what this is, don’ya Wheeljack?” Steelwind passed the item to him.

    “It looks like some sort of bonding ring?” Wheeljack was unsure, “Isn’t it?”

    Ratchet found the strength to respond, albeit rather quietly, “I made it for Sunburst for our bonding ceremony. I…” Then he abruptly stopped as if sinking into a deeper state of shock and slumped further into his chair.

    Wheeljack had never seen his friend this bad when talking of his dearly departed bondmate. “Is it even possible?” He looked at the drones body. It had been badly damaged during the last fight with the Decepticons. Skydive had taken it along as extra security and it had proved it usefulness till something had happened and it had been hit during the battle itself and it was now in this state.

    Ratchet and Wheeljack had done the best they could to fix it for Skydive but had wrestled with somewhat older programming than they knew of and had not been able to get it online again and so it had sat in the Medical bay, until one day when they were working on it, Shadow had commented on recognizing the code streams of its mind and offered to help fix it along with some help.

    Steelwind left the CMO’s office and pushed Heartbeat aside to access a screen and began typing an interaction algorithm to communicate with the drones memories directly.

    “Hey what was that for?” Heartbeat angrily prostrated.

    “I think I know who it is.” Steelwind typed away.

    “Are you sure?” Shadow added, “Is it anyone we know?”

    “I don’ know ‘er person’lly, but I believe y’do?” Steelwind answered.

    Shadow watched as Steelwind typed away in what appeared to be ancient Cybetronian words and then asked one question, ‘Identify?’

    The answer on the screen was one name, ‘Sunburst’.


    “Is he back online yet?” Shadow asked Wheeljack.

    “No.” The scientist answered, “It seems he is still in a state of shock about the ring. I haven’t even told him about the drone being who it seems to be yet.”

    Shadow had not even mentioned her connection to the femme with that name yet. She wasn’t even sure if Wheeljack knew about her connection to Ratchet either. The Medic suspected her identity, but when she was reverted to her sparkling self she did not recall ever conversing with Ratchet about anything from the past. When she had woken up as her adult self again her memories had shifted and opened up more.

    She had fragments of memory from an early time during the war when she was in the company of two other, Ratchet and Sunburst, both medics, who had adopted and looked after her for a while before tragedy separated her from them and that’s all she could remember.

    While she had been thinking to herself, Wheeljack had wandered off and started talking to Optimus who came in to talk to Ratchet after being called by the Scientist. Optimus and Ratchet had been friends a very long time and he knew the femme to which the name belonged and he also knew the story behind Ratchets past.

He immediately went into the Medic’s office to talk with him. Wheeljack remained outside.

Shadow had stopped and sat for a moment. When she had remembered the name of the person inside the drone body she had almost collapsed herself. But she retained her composure long enough to bark some instructions at Heartbeat.

The younger femme didn’t like being talked to that way, but she understood some raw memories had just been opened and Shadow was not herself. She complied with the other femme’s wishes by returning to Shadows workshop in Cyberia for the things she had asked for.

Shadow had tried to save time by asking Heartbeat to fetch the only complete femme body she had in storage that she thought would be compatible for the idea she had in mind.

When Heartbeat returned she asked Shadow, “Why this one? It’s a warriors body. Didn’t you say this lost femme was a scientist or a medic?”

“I…don’t know, it’s just that, something is pulling at me to use that one. I think it will be appropriate.”

    Heartbeat saw a rare honest smile on the femme’s face and she didn’t argue. She had known the femme for most to all of her own life and knew she did not have much to smile about given her past, the parts she did know of anyway.

    So she didn’t say anything as she helped Shadow set the new body up for a transfer.

    CMO’s Office.

    Ratchet had finally come around and was sitting quietly talking to Optimus.

    Steelwind was leaning quietly on the door frame not saying a word but listening. She was also watching what Shadow was doing and watched as Heartbeat helped her set up everything.

    She turned her helm where she could just see Optimus and Ratchet out of the corner of her optics. Ratceht had gotten over his shock and had commented he watned to help any way he could from this point.

    Steelwind spoke to them. “Well if you wanna ‘elp then y’better get y’aft out there an’ do it, ‘cause she’s getting’ started.”

    Steelwind knew exactly who the femme was that everyone was pining over. She had not known her personally but knew she was the one who had helped Reignfire and Nightfall, her own offspring, which was where Shadow had come in.

    She had not been on Cybertron at the time but before she could come back deal with what had happened and thank the femme for her help, she had gone missing. This had all happened not long before her commissioned flight that had led to the crash on Earth on the ship, the Genesis.

    Ratchet was out of the office like a shot. He quickly glanced at the clock on the wall and noted how long he had been lamenting in his office for and shifted out of his reverie quicker than anyone had ever seen him move. He looked at what the femmes were trying to set up and grabbed other items to help assist them. He didn’t say a word and nor did the other, they just all seemed to instinctively know what to do.


    Hours later, a small company had accrued at the entrance to the Medical bay.

    “What’s goin’ on?” Rusty asked, passing by. She had just come back from the wash racks and found a few of the mechs gathered here.

    “Oh hey you’re that femme I met earlier right?”

    Rusty noticed it was the youthful mech with the flame paint job and nodded. “Uh, Hot Rod? That’s what your friends said your name was right?” She replied. “I’m Rusty, I don’t have a fancy name, just…Rusty.”

    Hot nodded and explained that something was going on. Someone else had told him that some sort of drone had turned out to be an Autobot soldier or medic or something and they were doing a transfer to a new body.

    “Weird huh?”

    “Hmmm.” Rusty just didn’t seem interested in what was going on and wandered off. She had other things on her mind. She had just discovered her Aunt Eleanor, the same Aunt with the Scottish accent who had been looking after her all these years while she was growing up in Texas had turned out to be a Cybertronian in disguise and now she questioned whether she was really her Aunt at all or whether she was even human herself. And on top of that, her real parents had just been revealed to her and she couldn’t take it. She argued with Eleanor, who was apparently called Supernova and then took off for the wash racks before heading for her quarters.

    Hot Rod had noticed her wandering off and began to follow. “You seem bothered by something?”

    Rusty opened the door to her quarters and looked back at the shorter mech, “Thanks for tryin’ to care and keep that handsome face intact eh?” She smiled weakly at him as she pressed a button to slide the door closed behind her.

    Hot Rod had heard from Drift who had read something in Ultra Magnus’ reports about what had been happening here on Earth but he hadn’t believed it till he saw it and it was weird, even to him and he shook his helm trying to get that weirdness out and go back to what was happening at the Medical bay.


    Inside Rusty’s room.

    While it was a room they had fixed up for her and had a separate room for whenever her human friends visited, she was altogether glad they were here today, waiting for her to finish her duties.

    “What’s going on out there?” Laura asked.

    Casey and Christine looked up at Rusty when Laura asked, hoping for some news.

    “Something ‘bout an Autobot bein’ transferred to a new body I think?”

    Casey had known Rusty long enough to know she wasn’t her usual happy self and something else was going on. “Something else is bothering you isn’t it?” She poked at the tall femmes leg casing.

    Rusty sat down next to her human friends, still in her mecha form and crossed her legs in front her, grabbing at her peds.

    She didn’t know how to start.

    Laura began for her. “Can I hazard a guess that you have just discovered something about yourself or your past that is something of a shock?”

    Rusty looked right at her. “Somethin’ like that.”

    Laura agreed. “I am not sure about Casey’s situation but mine was inherently strange to some. I knew from a young age I was not human, despite the best efforts of my human foster parents to help me fit in. But in doing so I just became more human in my outlook on life, it never changed who I was on the inside.”

    Rusty sighed, “Well, seems my Aunt’s a real Cybetronian and she’s here on the base right now. I was introduced to my real parents or creators or whatever, who’re here too. Eleanor, or Supernova, whatever her name is, well we talked after Id finished work unloading stuff but we had a fight and I stormed off to the wash racks to cool down then came right here.”

    The other three looked at each other.

    “I don’t even know what’s real and what isn’t anymore?” Casey lamented. I don’t know what to think about myself now knowing what I am. My friends are about the only real family I’ve got right now.”

    . “I know just how ya feel.” Rusty smiled down at Casey, she knew she was just trying to cheer her up. She was raised to think she was human for most of her life and found out she had been a sophisticated machine underneath the whole time.

    “My life now beats what I was stuck in before at least!” Christine replied and some of the others agree with her.

    Christine was born human, but had a really bad life, the worst any female could have she had guessed at the time. Beaten by a drunken father constantly, not cared for by a mother who was always on drugs. She was actually happy when Aurora had found her and taken her away from it, but it hadn’t taken her rage away. Aurora had turned her into the human shaped mecha she was now.

    “I still value what I have.” Laura added. Both of Laura’s parents were scientists at the Deane Corporation and still worked there and she still lived with them.

    “Sooooo…” Christine started, “Who’s your uh parents? Anyone we know?”

    “Apprently,” Rusty answered, “It’s that big red blockhead Ironhide and some sky blue femme from Cybertron that just came here today. And my real name is Burnout.”

    “Well?” Laura asked “At least you can get to know them as one of their own.”

    Rusty sighed and laid herself out on the floor carefully so she wouldn’t disrupt where her human sized friends were sitting.

    Casey mumbled to herself, “How do machines even have kids? I mean they’re machines? How is species propagation even possible?”

    Laura answered Casey. “Casey my dear it is not physical, it is energetic. It is all about their sparks.” Laura wasn’t going to explain the whole process despite knowing it. Her parents had explained it to her when she was young. When she had asked them how they knew, they had said Aurora had told them.

    “Isn’t that the glowy ball thingy they have in their chest cavity?” Christine asked an she looked at where her heart would be, “I wonder if that’s what I have now instead of this fuel pump heart thing.”

    “The spark is their soul.” Laura continued, “And can be conjoined during certain processes to make new sparks which then leads to offspring and then those sparks can be pout into sparkling bodies.”

    Rusty clutched herself, “Ya think that’s what we all are, I mean what you guys are now? I mean look what happened to Violet, she went through some sort of change and well, is an adult or whatever now. Like I’m some sort of full sized transformer or adult form now right?”

    No one was able to answer her question as the door to Rusty’s quarters opened. She swore to herself for not locking it but got up to face the visitor now standing there.

    It was her Aunt, or whoever this femme Supernova was.

“Though’ I migh’ find the wee bairn tucked away in her new safe place.” The femme stated thoughtfully.

“Slag off, I don’t want to talk to you!” Rusty stormed off to another room and locked the door.

“Such language an’ no’ even wantin’ tae come out an’ meet yuir creators either!” Supernova mused. Two others walked in behind Supernova on her cue before Rusty had even seen them.

Casey got up to try and get her to come out, while the other two females just stood aside and minded their own business.

“I’m beginning to think if this trip was worthwhile coming.” The blue visitor stated. “I’m not particularly impressed right now.”

“You trah livin’ with ‘er!” The red one complained.

Both of them look at Supernova, and the dark orange coloured femme just shrugs back at them and smiles plaintively.


Shadow Chronicles Part 25

Starts Here
Chapter 1,…
Then Continues
Chapter 26, WIP

Critiques and criticisms welcome, I take nothing personally, as comments help me improve. 

TFs are the property of Hasbro, My OC's are my property, do not use without permission. Fan art of them are welcome though.


*Part 24*


    Yesterday in the twins quarters.

    Sunstreaker came into the room to find the young femme he had previously found out about, lying on their floor, using his art equipment.

    As angry as he was, he called out to his brother first, “Dammit Sides, I thought I told you, no more pets!”

    Sunstreaker ignored the child’s growls as he picked up his art items and began to put them away out of her reach.

    He then wandered into the next room where both of them bunked and started yelling at him, “What’s the idea bringing her in here? And,” Sunstreaker raved on, “You let her use my stuff too…I?”

    Sunstreaker was suddenly distracted by some drawings on the table Sideswipe was looking over.

    “C’mon bro’ I didn’t see any harm in it, besides, look at all this!” Sideswipe gestured.

    Sunstreaker had to admit that there was a lot of skill put into the finished artworks that were sitting on the table in front of Sideswipe. Including the ones that Sideswipe had in his hands, which appeared to be blueprints and architectural plans.

    “What are those?” he asked curiously.

    “Not really sure what they are of,” Sideswipe pointed at the weird writing on the sheets, “I have no idea what this says so…”

    “Hey guys, you in?” Came a call from outside the room.

    “Jazz?” Sideswipe murmured.

    “The kid?” Sunstreaker freaked.

    Both of the twins rushed out into their entry room. They found the door to their room wide open and their female guest nowhere to be seen.

    “Somethin’ wrong guys?” The Lieutenant asked.

    The twins were relieved that the femme wasn’t there but also concerned as to where she had gone.

    They were just as interested as to why their door was open as they knew Jazz would have been polite enough to buzz them from the door and wait.

    “So the door was open when you arrived?” Sideswipe asked Jazz.

    “Yeah, but I know how territorial you two are about your personal space so I just called out and waited.” He replied.

    Sunstreaker wondered about the door and began to look around for something. Jazz did notice but he pretended to be more interested in talking to Sideswipe. But he continud to watch the other twin while he was doing so.

     “He lose somethin’?” He thumbed in the yellow warriors direction.

    “Maybe. I don’t know?” Sideswipe replied, knowing that his brother was probably looking for the femme.

    Jazz knew the mech well enough to know he was covering something up, and that usually meant they had something in their quarters that they didn’t want him to see. And he really didn’t want to know about it either. So long it was no threat to anyone else on the base or to the Autobots mission here on Earth, he was fine to let it lie, just as he did with all the other crazy things Sideswipe was often involved in.

    “Well I can see you boys’r busy so I’ll talk t’ya later.” He waved as he left. “I got a meetin’ with Prime anyhow. Seeya!”

    Both the twins locked their optics on the door as Jazz exited. Usually it closed behind others when they left, but it remained open for a little while before slowly closing.

    “What was he snooping around for?” Sunstreaker snarled.

    Sunstreaker didn’t really trust many people, and even though he knew Jazz meant no harm, he was not very trusting of many officers at all.

    “Easy there Sunny,” Sideswipe tried to bring his brother down off his high horse, “He didn’t mean anything by coming around.” Sideswipe usually had to help his brother get his bearings back after an Officer paid a visit. “He was just checking in I guess. Knowing Jazz he probably already knows the kid is here on the base. Can’t get much past him.”

    “At least Prowl is easier to hide things from.” Sunstreaker grumped as he sat down on their oversized couched and crossed his arms.

    “But not easy to tolerate if you cross him.” Sideswipe often got nightmares about those times. “So what are we…huh.”

    Sideswipe had just been thinking about joining his brother for a seat on the couch when he tripped over something and fell flat on his faceplate, which was followed by Sunstreaker laughing his aft off at him.

    “Not too embarrassing eh?” He said to his brother as he lifted his head.

    Sunstreaker gestured behind him and Sideswipe turned his head slowly to see a mecha cat hissing at him for tripping over her.

    “What are we going to do with her,” Sunstreaker spoke, “She can’t stay here.”

    The cat hissed even louder at Sunstreaker and promptly jumped onto Sideswipe’s back and head.

    “Ow!” Sideswipe cringed as the cat got its footing to stay where it was. “Looks like she wants to stay here!”


It wouldn’t have been the first time that Rusty had woken up from a hangover because of an all night bender the day before. But even when she was still in a human body she never felt it like this. She was sore all over, but mostly very sore in her cranial casing and it was throbbing.

    Since she had become a mechanical being, the effects of energon taken in large quantities did not affect her like large amounts of alcohol would affect a human, and this was her first warning sign that something might be wrong.

    The second sign was that her cranial casing did not feel like her cranial casing.

    It was not until she had absently put her hands on her head to feel where the throbbing was that she realised she had put her hands on a human head with long wavy hair not a metal cased helm that she realised something else was up.

    She also did not realise how close to the edge of the Cybertronian sized cot she was, and as she turned herself over to run her fingers through her long red hair to marvel at its return, she fell off and landed on the floor with a very heavy thud.

    The noise was enough to wake some of those snoozing nearby.

    Her other human friends had been given some makeshifts sleeping arrangements in Rusty and Vanguard’s temporary quarters, and not all were happy about being woken up.

    “What’s all the noise?” Someone called out.

    It was shortly followed by a squeal and a whomp.

    Rusty had tried to get up but had been bowled over by an overexcited Casey and was now back on the floor again.

    “Can you at least let me stand up first?” She asked of her friend.

    “This is so amazing!” Casey squealed, “I think I must still be dreaming!”

    Just then, Rusty caught sight of a mirror and saw herself, “Well, you ain’t dreamin’ cause, no one but me looks this good!” Rusty exclaimed as she quickly got up and walked to the mirror to flex her muscles in front of it.

    Laura had finally woken enough to drag herself out of her sleeping bag and get up to approach them. “How exactly did this happen?” She asked.

    At the same time, Vanguard and Jazz walked in.

    Having heard Laura’s question, Vanguard adds, “That’s something I would like to know?”

    Rusty just smiles innocently and throws her hands up, “Got no idea? But I’m not goin’ to complain.” And she went back to admiring herself in the mirror.

    Vanguard also looks at the clothes she is wearing, “In case you haven’t noticed, those happen to be the same set of clothes you were wearing the day of your car accident.”

    Rusty looks down at her high cut mini skirt and low cut bikini like top and grins, “Guess you’re right there. I wonder how that happened?”

    Vanguard answers, “Well this obviously has something to do with Shadow, and since she isn’t around right now…” She paused and looked at Jazz.

    He had not said one thing during this whole conversation and was taking all this strangeness in with a grain of salt.

    “Well it’s Mond’y mornin’. Ol’Brawn’ll be waitin’ on Rusty for ‘elp with cleanin’ the main storeroom.” Jazz said simply.

    “The question is,” Vanguard responded, “Is Rusty still Rusty. Without Shadow to look in on her medical status, I don’t know if she is as she was before, only in a different sized body...” Vanguard turned away from Jazz and leant down to squat in front of Rusty. When the red head became quizzical, Vanguard offered some assurance, “I just want to check out something.”

    Rusty scrutinised the white femme. She knew Vanguard had certain abilities and if she was still a machine on the inside, she was not all that happy having herself read. “What are you goin’ to do?”

    “Just a simple read, it won’t interfere with anything else.”

    Rusty knew what to expect now. It had taken a little to remember what Vanguard was going on about. She had seen Vanguard do this when she was still human well over a year ago. All it involved was ascertaining information about the current state of something, kind of like an electromagnetic X-ray.

    The now human looking individual reluctantly gave up her hands, but instead, Vanguard went for her forehead. The white femme placed a single digit and did her scan.

    Rusty was grateful it did not take long and did not feel anything either and so let go of her feelings of recalcitrance. “Well?’ She asked.

    “All mechanical on the inside. Everything seems like it will be fine, but then I am no medical expert.” She turned to Jazz and said, “She should be fine to do the work with Brawn but maybe you should take her by Ratchet’s office first? I don’t doubt Ratchet’s ability to deal with all the strangeness our lot has been dumping on the Autobots of late, but even I feel this may be beyond him, still there is no harm in getting him to look.”

    “Ol’ Ratch’ might ‘ave a field day with this one then!” Jazz mused.

    “I’ll stay on and help out Brawn while that’s happening if you want.” Vanguard suggested. “I don’t have anything else planned today.”

    “No issues with me either.” He commented and then turned to the red headed human, “Well li’l lady, shall we take a walk?”

    Rusty shrugged and then fell in with Jazz as he left the room. She called back to her friends as she was leaving and said, “Be back soon, shouldn’t take too long.”


    Elsewhere on the base.

    Brawn was grumbling to himself that he was stuck doing all the work. It had been organised that the strong red femme was going to help him as Optimus couldn’t spare a second person.

    But she was rather late,

    ‘Probably overcycled again!’ He thought to himself.

    He had been relatively lucky to come out of their last scuffle with the Decepticons unscathed and Ratchet was working overtime as usual with only Wheeljack for help to work on and watch over all those still in the Medical bay.

    He had actually been looking forward to working with Rusty. Many of the Autobots thought she was good looking but then they all knew that she knew it too and loved the attention.

    It had been even better that Optimus had agreed to a decision to let Rusty work with them as a civilian, helping out with grunt work around the base as it took a lot of slack off of heavy work for him and gave him and several of the others more spare time.

    “Need a hand?” Came a voice to snap Brawn out of his reverie.

    He turned around to find a femme, but not who he was expecting.

    Brawn looked at Vanguard confused.

    “Sorry she couldn’t make it, medical issues.” Vanguard told him as she went to help him move a heavy box by lifting it up with her gliding capability and move it along just above the floor.

    “I just bet it did.” Brawn complained. Not that he minded Vanguard’s company. She was much easier to get along with than his compatriot Prowl, who just happened to be her bondmate.

    “So why do they want to collate all the stock?” Vanguard asked.

    “Seems things have been going missing. Prowl’s first thought was that maybe Sideswipe was up to his pranks again with all the business that had been going on lately.”

    Vanguard remembered that for all that had been going on lately, Sideswipe had an alibi for each one and it had stumped Prowl to no end. “Yeah that!” She snickered.

    Brawn ignored her and continued, “So we have to go through each storeroom and mark off what we have, try an’ find out what’s goin’ on. Maybe set up some traps if we do have an unknown thief.”

    By that time though, Vanguards attention was elsewhere. She had picked up the EM thought processor trails of something in the room. “We are the only two in here right?”

    Brawn became curious and stopped what he was doing. “Yeah, why?”

    “It’s not Mirage that’s cloaked, I know his thought patterns, it’s someone else.” She paused and thought then turned her attention to Brawn.

    Vanguard was right in assuming that there was something else in the room, not just a something but actually, a someone.

    The stealthy invader in question was just sneaking around gathering some items for itself and was on its way out when Brawn had come in previously and blocked its departure. It was the only way out as there was no overhead shafts it could reach easily and quietly with another in the room.

    It had stayed for a while hoping the door would open again or this mech would go away, and it had missed the opportunity when the silver femme had arrived suddenly and blocked the doorway for too long.

    Vanguard had thinned her optics, pretending not to notice the individual when it had tried to pass by right behind her undetected towards the door that she had opened on purpose, making it look like she was leaving. “Gotcha!”

    When Vanguard grabbed the invader, its stealth shield faltered for a moment out of surprise. It was long enough for her to grab and then surround it in her force shield and capture it.

    “Anyone…you know…?” Vanguard asked as she struggled to keep a full, strong shield around the small mechanoid.

    “No.” Brawn said, “But I think I know someone who might. Jazz mentioned a small femme they ran into on Cybertron. I wonder if it’s the same one?”


    Later, in the detention area.

    “But Optimus do you have any idea what a rampant sparkling can do on a base like this?” Red Alert warned, “We should send her back to Cybertron, where she belongs.”

    Not very many knew about the femme from Cybertron, and those that did not before, knew now as Jazz had filled them in after identifying her for the Command team.

    “As much as I would agree with you Red Alert,” The red Ferrari beamed at Prowl agreeing with his statement, but then he suddenly frowned, “I would have to agree with Optimus.”

    Ratchet had also come to see what the issue was and given his opinion. “I agree that she should be watched by those who can protect her, question is by who? There are a lot of dangers on this base, and that’s just not from weapons and the like.” He glances over at Wheeljack who was standing next to him.

    “What are you looking at me for?” The Scientist asked his friend, having guessed at what Ratchet had just implied.

    Outside the room Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were peaking in to see what was going on.

    “They better not blame me for this, I had nothing to do with it.” The yellow Lamborghini stated adamantly. “Besides you’re the one who’s been keeping her as a pet.” He scoffed, “Not me.”

    “So if they find that out, you’re just going to let me take all the blame?” Sideswipe retorted, “Some brother you are!”

“You told me Jazz knew you were keeping her and he hadn’t said anything. I didn’t have anything to do with it to begin with anyway and neither of us smuggled her here from Cybertron, she found her way to Earth on her own.”

“So you think we have nothing to worry about?” Sideswipe glanced at the gathered officers in the room.

Both of them had not realised that the group had moved while they continued to talk amongst themselves and then flattened themselves against the wall when they departed and stood at attention for the officers.

Red Alert and Prowl both gave the twins a scrutinising look as they passed, unsure if they were up to something or not, but did not stay to question them and so the twins vented a sigh of relief when they continued walking down the hall going elsewhere.

It was not long before the others attempted to leave also. But their departure was cut short by an almighty blast that originated from the detention cell where the young femme had just been.

Optimus was the first to rise.

    He got his bearings together and adjusted his optics. He had been the closest to the cell when the bomb had gone off and had taken the brunt of the blast, but it had not kept him down long and had only left superficial injuries.

    Once he was on his peds, he looked around the room.

    The twins had been somewhere close by and had come racing in to help Ratchet with the others.

    Optimus noticed that Ratchet was unharmed and already working to help and so turned his attention elsewhere. He quickly glanced into the cell and found it empty.

    “What happened here?” Prowl exclaimed as he came racing back with the noise.

    Red Alert had been right behind him and looked around in wonderment and for once found nothing he could say about this.

    Ratchet paused from his check of Wheeljack after helping his friend to his peds and added. “While the twins are here, we should use them to go after the femme and get her back here while the rest of us find out what happened.”

    Sunstreaker, having heard the suggestion, growled internally at being dragged into this.

    “That seems fair enough.” Optimus agreed with Ratchet. He turned to the twins and asked them, “You two go after the femme and take Jazz with you, see what you can find out. Get her back in one piece without harming her.”

    “And we’ll sift through what’s left of the Detention centre.” Prowl added, who was already looking through the rubble with Red Alert.

    “Thankfully there were no Decepticons here today to deal with if they had broken out too.” Red Alert mumbled to himself.

    “And for once Wheeljack didn’t cause this!” Ratchet mused.

    “Hey!” Wheeljack whacked Ratchet in the arm.

    When Jazz and the twins were outside, the Leiutenant motioned to them, “No need t’worry guys, didn’t say a word ‘bout you two having the femme with you before now. But after this, y’might have to make mention o’somethin’, ‘kay?”

    “I told you she would be trouble!” Sunstreaker warned.

    “Like you even know what it’s like to have a pet?” Sideswipe ribbed his brother.

    “Well at least I don’t adopt troublemaking sparklings as pets!” The yellow Lamborghini scoffed.

    Sideswipe was just about to whomp his brother for being a stuck up stick in the mud when Jazz got their attention.

    They had tracked the femme about half a mile south of the base and had finally caught up to her in the surrounding bushlands, but by the sounds of it, something else had caught up to her first.

    As they rounded on the commotion, what came into sight was a bit of a surprise. There were two mechanical cats eying each other in a noisy, snarling standoff.

    One was a small cat, about the size of a Great Dane and the other was a very large black animal the size of an elephant. One they all recognised as being on the base previously.

    “Ain’t that Shadow’s pet cat, the black one?” Jazz mentioned.

    “Yeah?” Sunstreaker answered, “What is it doing out here?”

    “Looks like its tryin’ t’drive th’little cat somewhere?” Jazz noticed.

    Just as the large black cat was attempting to do as Jazz had suggested, the small silver and gold cat got away from it, made a run straight towards them and transformed to hide itself right behind Sideswipe.

    “This’ really turnin’ out t’be an in’erestin’ day!” Jazz exclaimed to himself as he cocked his photonic rifle and aimed it at the black cat now standing and hissing in front of them, poised and ready for attack.

    “So when do we shoot?” Sunstreaker had his own Electron Pulse weapon at the ready, due to the fact his brother had now become the black cats target.

    The black cat was more than a match physically for more than the amount of Autobots that was presently in front of it, but that was not what it was here for.

    It had come here for its own reasons. But at the same time it was also frustrated due to waiting for its master to return. It had come searching and found it here quite by accident, finding its Masters’ appearance puzzling and its actions strange, it had been attempting to herd it elsewhere when the Autobots had shown up and interrupted.

    Jazz did not want to shoot the beast machine as it had not yet done anything. He was trying to come up with another solution when an idea popped into his cranial capacitors. He had remembered that the black cat had a name, at least it was what someone had called it when it was in the base last.

    “You’re called Deathtrap, ain’t’ya?” He asked, lowering his gun and subspacing it, then he took a big chance and stepped forward slowly with his digits outstretched.

    “Jazz I don’t think that’s such a good idea?” Sideswipe called out.

    “Like you would know?” Sunstreaker ribbed his brother, “Look at all the stupid ideas you’ve ever had!”

    The cat ignored Jazz as he creeped closer to it and turned its attention to the twins, specifically to red mech and the little silver and gold femme hiding behind it.

    It let out a deafening roar at the three and started making demands on their internal communications systems.

    The three Autobots were still reeling from the sudden noise when they received the voice on the comms.

    ‘Return that which does not belong to you.’ The voice said.

    The Autobots looked at each other startled. The voice did not belong to any Autobot comrade of theirs that they recognised. What had surprised them was the fact that it was a secure line that someone had broken through and for just a moment they had looked at each other in disbelief thinking the voice had come from the black cat.

    When they all looked at the cat in unison once more, again it roared and repeated the demand.

    Before Jazz or the twins could answer for themselves though, the young femme caught their attention. She had suddenly clutched her head casing with the sound of the last roar and had only now gotten her bearings back.

    She stood up straight and turned to the black cat and said a steadfast “No,” to the beast cat.

    This incited the cat to become agitated and it ran at Sideswipe. The red twin did not know what else to do but pick up the young femme and move out of the way.

    As much as the cat was agitated by what it saw was its Masters’ refusal to come home it just suddenly stopped and sat down and all fours and lowered its head into its outstretched paws, making pleading noises.

    The young femme squirmed in Sideswipe’s arms and he reluctantly put her down.

    Sideswipe stepped forward on his peds in an attempt to follow her, but both Jazz and his brother stopped him.

    “This’ b’tween these two, let it be for now.” Jazz said to him.

    They all watched on as the two feline mecha appeared to converse.

    The young femme approached the black cat and folded her arms in defiance.

    When the black cat whined, she answered it. “Not now. Stay here.”

    The cat was not happy with the answer it was given, it sprung onto its feet and roared louder than before right into the young femmes face, which did not faze her in the slightest.

    In the background, Jazz and Sunstreaker were still holding back Sideswipe and let him go when the cat stopped its noise. They watched as he ran over to help the femme.

    Up until now, the others could not hear their conversation. Sideswipe caught an adamant “Go.” From the young femme as he came over to her and picked her up.

    Jazz and Sunstreaker had followed Sideswipe as they thought he would get himself into trouble, but as luck would have it, the black cat left without a fuss and walked away dejectedly into the scrub.

    “What was all that about?” Sunstreaker said.

    “Don’ know but right now, ‘least the kid is ok.” Jazz smiled. He reached out to pat her on the helm and she used her free hands to block him.

    “Don’t touch.” She snarled as Jazz recoiled his hand.

    “Jus’ bein’ friendly kid, no harm meant.” Jazz put his hands up in surrender.

    The femme scoffed and then tried to squirm out of Sideswipe’s arms. He let her go and watched the femme wander off in the direction of the Autobot base. “Name not kid.” She said flatly, before she transformed into her cat mode and ran off.

    “What in the Pit was that all about?” Sunstreaker questioned.

    Jazz knew he was referring to the recent situation and even he didn’t have an explanation for it. He felt it was just another one of those weird events that have happened of late since all these strange femmes from only Primus knew where, were showing up from.

    “Guess all we can do is tell Prime when we get back.” He motioned to both of them to follow him as he transformed and drove off.

    Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were both reluctant to go straight away and talked between themselves for a while before following along also.

    Little did they know that the large black mechanical cat had not gone very far.

    It had made it look like it had left but then come back cloaked and watched the group depart.

    A voice on its internal comms. broke its vigilant reverie. ‘See I told you she wouldn’t come. Just let things be, she’ll come back when she feels she needs to.’

    The cat snarled at the voice then sat down and whined for its master.

    The voice spoke again. ‘Did she suspect why you were there?’

    The black mecha cat, Deathtrap did not want to believe what she had experienced but wanted to see for herself what was going on.

    ‘Not pleasant.’ Was all the cat communicated on its internal systems.

    ‘Well if y’ain’t ‘appy with the outcome, find some other way t’stay out there an’ watch. I don’t care if y’do, just don’t keep milling around ‘ere an’ whining about it. We’ll call ya if y’needed ok.’

    Deathtrap had not even thought of that. She had often used her special skills to blend into her environment for the last four million years. She thought that this would be another one of those times, despite the fact she would only be observing.

    She knew that another mecha femme disguised as a human was closeby, living on the nature reserve and so she scanned the area, looking at all the animals there, finding a disguise that would be appropriate.

    What made Wraiths different from their fellow Cybertronian Transformers was that they could keep multiple transformations and change between then without needing to go back to their root mode. And the techno-organic nature of their substructure was what made that possible.

    Once she found a suitable form, the metal of her armour plating began to melt somewhat and change the shape and size of her form. What was left when it was done was a scruffy and mangy looking black wolf.

    She huffed once and then disappeared under her stealth shield once again.

    Three individuals had been watching Deathtrap when she had disappeared under her shield.

    Steelwind had thought it necessary to give Deathtrap ideas about what to do. She had found it hard to keep those who were concerned about Shadow’s welfare out of the young femme’s way till she returned back home.

    She and her two companions watched for a little while as they tracked the disguised cat. Then turned to each other.

    “Are you two going to leave well enough alone now and let her come home on her own?” She asked of them. One of them lifted a hand to speak and Steelwind cut him off before he could even finish a word. “Just let Deathtrap take care of the watchin’. Leave Shadow be until she is ready to come back on her own and in ‘er own way. You two may want ‘er back but y’will have t’wait.”

    Steelwind wandered off. Her two cpompanions weren’t inclined to question here judgement on the matter. Well, moreso one of them, he knew exactly what disobeying his parole officer could lead to, the other was still learning.

    She turned and faced both of them as she activated her teleportation field and left, “Remember, leave ‘er alone.” As she disappeared into a shadow behind a tree.

    Reignfire and Sunstorm turned and looked at each other and the older mech had caution the ypounger one about any ideas he might have had or wanting to cross Steelwind’s decision. Reignfire knew better.

    He had had the unfortunate experience of knowing what that was like and did not want his offspring to have to live through that.

    Steelwind was generally a placid, laid back and easy going individual, but even Reignfire knew she could be very bad when she was angered enough or others either didn’t listen when given instructions or turned on her. She could be just as much a crazed, fuel thirsty and a battle hungry maniac as his old master Megatron and as loathe as he was to admit it, her furious ferocity when angered scared him.

    And Reignfire did not want that. He had worked long and hard to get where he was now considering where he had been before.

    “Are you satisfied now?” Reignfire asked his companion.

    Sunstorm did no not respond straight away but hesitated and thought first on what Reignfire had just said.

    “So you suppose that if I had just listened to her to begin with and left well enough alone that we would not be in this position as we are.”

    Reignfire knew that as intelligent as his offspring was, he was also very headstrong. He would try and listen to his father but his programming also made him strike out on his own and went his own way on occasion.

    Just like it had now.

    It had not been the first time the mech had become curious about a younger sibling he had never known and had supposedly had something to do with his resurrection.

    His want to investigate though had led to this. It had also led to the Wraith following him and Steelwind having to get involved.

    Steelwind had managed to get the large cat to listen and create a deliberate display to satisfy itself because she wouldn’t believe what Steelwind had told her. But then she had had to deal with Sunstorm, who had been responsible for the cats actions and Reignfire who had gone along to make sure there was no trouble.

    Steelwind knew that there would have been other reasons for the old General for going along, but considering his personality, he would have sincerely just gone along just to see that his other offspring was alright.

    Out of all her ‘clients’ he was the most faithful at trying to change his life for the better and do something with himself rather than create deliberate trouble like most of the others.

    This was what allowed him some measure of freedom more than others, and he did not want to lose it.

    He and Sunstorm looked off into the distance with the eyes of their human like forms and turned for home when they were finally satisfied with what was before them.


    Inside the Autobots base.

    “You’ve been hiding her for how long?” Ratchet screamed at Sideswipe.

    The red Lamborghini cringed and looked down at the ground, seeming more interested at kicking invisible pieces of scrap with his one ped than wanting to meet Ratchet’s infuriated gaze.

    “Ratchet please, I’m sure Sideswipe has an explanation for his actions.” Optimus tried to reason, but he had to find out what was going on beyond all of Ratchet’s yelling.

    “I’m sure he has quite a logical explanation for everything.” Prowl scowled at Sideswipe also, recounting how many official regulations Sideswipe had broken just for having her here without permission.

    Optimus wasn’t angry. In fact, despite remembering the instructions he had given Sideswipe before, he knew he had specifically said no biological pets and Sideswipe had adopted a mechanical one.

    “Well, let’s hear this excuse then?” Ratchet scowled at the red twin.

    “You see, it’s like this…” Sideswipe began his story.


*Part 23*


Weeks later after their group had returned home again, Sideswipe could not believe he felt rather lamented about the little femme not being around. She had spent quite a lot of her time around him on Cybertron and he was loathe to admit he had grown somewhat attached and now missed her presence.

    Even in the first week back, his brother had whacked him in the back of the helm to get him to pay attention during combat training. As well as many times at other occasions after that.

    Sunstreaker could tell something was up but he couldn’t be bothered asking why. Even though he would normally ask as it was his brother, he also knew to allow Sideswipe some privacy as he would expect the same for his own concerns.

    All he could do, until Sideswipe was ready to confide in him, was demand he snap out of whatever daydream he was in at the time and pay attention to other things when needed.

    But it was some later that Sideswipe, still in the same state of mind, was beginning to irritate Sunstreaker too much, that he thought to intervene.

    So at one occasion where they both had the day off their shifts, Sunstreaker dragged his brother out for a drive, and for some time away from everyone else on the base to get to the bottom of what was going on.

    “So what’s crawled up your tailpipe?” He asked brutally.

    Sideswipe transformed and sat down on some rocks nearby in a daze, not completely paying attention to what his brother just said.

    “Please don’t tell me you’ve gone and fallen in love with one of Elita One’s femme soldiers while you were away?” Sunstreaker questioned.

    That suddenly snapped Sideswipe out of his daze, “What? No!”

    “Well then what is it that’s making you act even more like an idiot than usual?”

    Sideswipe thought for a moment and then realised it wasn’t all that important.

    “Nothing you need to worry about.” He commented to Sunstreaker.

    “You do realise that anything that’s your business is my business too because we’re brothers, or have you forgotten that?” Sunstreaker pried, wanting to know more. “I let it go hoping you’d deal with it, but now you’re annoying me with this slag, so out with it?”

    “Look, don’t…” Sideswipe was about to tell him to back off and not worry about when he saw some debris coming down the hill that had started to fall on him.

    He only had a moment’s notice to get out of the way before a boulder came crashing down right on top of where he had just been sitting.

    Sunstreaker had to get out of the way also but had reacted quicker than Sideswipe. Whereas the red mech had dived onto his front, Sunstreaker had jumped to the side and had time to get out his pistol and point it at where the rock had come from.

    “Ugh” He complained, “It’s just some damned cat, a cougar or something.” Sunstreaker put his pistol away in dismay, thinking it was some Decepticons that had happened their way and was sorely disappointed.

    “Oh well, guess I don’t have to get…uoof.” Sideswipe had only just turned himself over to sit on his aft, when the cougar that his brother did not seem bothered by had leapt onto his scratched up chest casings, knocking him back onto the ground once again.

    “Whoah, this cat’s way heavier than it should be?” Queried Sideswipe as he struggled to get back up again.

    Sunstreaker got his pistol back out again to scare the cat off but Sideswipe waived him off. Sideswipe was very curious about the cat all of a sudden.

    The cat stood there and stared at Sideswipe then shifted its image from an organic cat to mechanical and back again then dropped something on him and leapt away back up the hill of rocks again.

    “What the frag was that all about Sideswipe? I hope you don’t have some damned secret pet you haven’t told me about. I’m not having some other animal wreck our quarters again if you were going to try and bring it into the base.” Sunstreaker growled. “I won’t get into trouble with Optimus again because of your stupid ideas.”

    Sideswipe was distracted from the cat for a moment to think about what Sunstreaker had just said. He had indeed tried to keep a pet secret in the base before but it had ended up trashing their rooms inside the base. It was not something he wanted to go through again.

    But then it brought his thoughts back to the cat.

    He thought he would have recognised the animal if it had been around this area before. But he had never seen it till now.

    Apart from the fact it was abnormally heavy for what an Earth Cougar should be. And for a short moment he thought he had seen it briefly in a mech form.

    It also dropped a crystal in his lap. Something that he had given to the young femme back on Cybertron as a gift, thinking she’d like the energon shard.

    He didn’t connect the dots straight away but then he realised it must be her. The femme had stowed away somewhere and gotten here and had taken an alternate mode to stay hidden.

    ‘Maybe she was just keeping herself hidden…’ Sideswipe thought.

    “It’s that damned cat isn’t it?” Sunstreaker interrupted him.

    “Huh?” Sideswipe blithely replied, “Um, yeah, I guess.”

    “Damn it, Sideswipe, we are not having another pet. Don’t think that I didn’t notice it was a Turbo Cat under that holographic Cougar cover or whatever it was. What if it’s got some kind of Cybertronian virus that…?”

    Sideswipe started laughing, “You know you sound just like Red Alert right now!”

    Comparing Sunstreaker to other ‘bots was one way to get him to shut up and Sideswipe found it funny when he pouted.

    “Don’t compare me to that idiot. I’m much better looking for one thing and I’m not a mental case.” Sunstreaker sat down next to his brother. “So…are you going to give me the full story on this cat or what?”

    Sideswipe was still laughing at his brother’s ‘I’m not mental’ comment when he started talking, “Not a cat. Or at least she wasn’t on Cybertron.”

    “She?” Sunstreaker queried.

    “Yeah, a sparkling. We found her after a battle with some Decepticons that left me out of order for a while and she just kind of stuck around, sort of adopted me and wouldn’t go away.” Sideswipe continued.

    Sunstreaker wasn’t altogether happy about the story but he generally stayed quiet and listened. “So does this…femme have a name?”

    “I think someone said her name was Meridian or something.”

    “Weird name.” The yellow warrior questioned.

    “Yeah, weird.” At least now his brother knew what was going on, no more hiding it.


    Close by, a lone human was apparently hiking.

    He had watched and listened to the entire conversation between the twins about the so called cat and was now prepared to move on.

    Before he left though, the cat had already seen and followed him and was now watching him.

    It knew he was not the human he was pretending to be. She turned off her holographic field and shifted from her cat form to her mech form and continued to watch him, very interested for unknown reasons why.

    He seemed familiar to her but she did not recognise him outright, yet was still curious.

    He knew her but was not interested in staying or making contact, he had only been told to sight the cat and then return home.

    The little femme watched as he shifted to his own mechanical form, transformed into his jet mode and took off.


    Casey sighed to herself.

    The person looking back at her in the mirror still looked the same as it always did, but now that she knew she wasn’t human nor had she been born one, she essentially questioned who it really was that was staring back at her in this mirror and did not like who it was anymore as it had pretty much shattered her reality and sense of self.

    ‘You been lookin’ at that thing for ten minutes now, how ‘bout you start lookin’ or thinkin’ ‘bout somethin’ else.’ Came a disembodied voice.

    That was her friend Rusty, in her vehicle mode. Casey had been using the passenger side visor mirror to look at herself and reflect upon events in her life of late.

    Rusty wasn’t bothered in the least that her friend was like her in a way. At first she admitted she had been confused and then it had taken her a bit of time to understand, but was now accepting of it, as were her other friends.

    If it had not been for their support, she supposed she would not be coping right now.

    Sometimes, Casey knew, she could be an emotional wallflower, she could retreat into herself and ignore the rest of the world. Her friends also knew this and had started working on her straight away to make sure she stayed with them.

    She sighed. “I still don’t like it.”

    ‘You’ll get used it. I did. The feeling of regret, of goin’ back to the way you were before will always be there though.’ Rusty commented. ‘Least you can change back to normal, I can’t.’

    Casey snickered in amusement. This was true. Rusty was just a human soul in a mecha shell and couldn’t do anything with it except be a transformer. She on the other hand could switch between her old human face and her silver skinned mech face with the pink and purple markings. At least with that, there was a semblance of retaining some normalcy for Casey and how she felt about her situation.

    “Christine and Laura are coming along was well?” Casey asked.

    Rusty had arranged a get together with Casey’s school friends. Being that her last outing had born bad fruit, she had organised something close to the Autobot base.

    What Rusty had not mentioned to Casey as yet, was that the get together was somewhat of a surprise. Casey had been so busy being emotional over herself lately, that she had forgotten her birthday.

    Casey’s friends had made a note not to mention it and so had planned something for her. Something else to take her mind off what had happened recently.

    ‘Yeah.’ Rusty answered. ‘Violet is coming along too. She managed to get some time away from the Autobots and Victor, well, now that he’s back, he has no time for anything but his show business.’

    Casey could tell there was a bit of venom in her words.

    Victor and Violet were different from both of them. Both were created as Cybertronians, but had been raised as humans in what was considered proto shells. They’d more or less over time discovered their true selves but had also taught themselves to shift between their mecha base modes and human looking android modes at will now.

    Rusty was jealous. She did not say it directly, but she was. The fact she wanted to return to her human self was evident, but she could not and the frustration was a continuing annoyance to her.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Casey tried to console Rusty, “Maybe Frankie can fix you?”

    Casey was just a history student, not a tech gee. She didn’t really understand what Frankie did, let alone what she was now trying to understand what she was..

    ‘Whatever comes, I guess.’ Rusty verbally shrugged it off. She would deal with each day as it came right now. Even though there were some things she was unhappy about, it was how she would deal with it, by not letting it control her.

    Her life, now very different to the one she used to have and so she understood how different it was going to be for Casey. Even though it was not the same case with her, she could still be sympathetic about it.


    Southern Oregon.

    Steelwind was in her bio-mode. She was leaning on a post on her farmhouse veranda, enjoying a hot cup of natural oil.

    Sitting on a seat near her was Reignfire, also in his bio-form.

    “Any sign of him yet Rei’?” She asked in between sips.

    Steelwind had shown Reignfire some trust to allow a recent addition to her team to go and visit the area near the Autobot base.

    She had been there herself not so long ago to discuss some business with Optimus Prime about Rusty, Vanguard and Violet, but had not brought up the subject of their resident watcher on the grounds outside their base. Instead she had sent another to investigate the watcher, that was residing in the scrub forest surrounding the Autobot base.

    “He returns just now.” Reignfire answered.

    A black, gold and white jet transforms itself and before it has even finished doing so, transforms yet again into a smaller human looking android form.

    “Showing off are we?” Steelwind jibed the newcomer.

    He ignores her comment and reports what he had seen. “It appears the…twins…have discovered her identity and placement there.”

    Steelwind noticed he had some remembrance about the twins as he had emphasised when mentioning them.

    “Did she recognise you?” Reignfire asked. The newcomer shook his head.

    Steelwind turned to the old general, “Y’think I would’ve sent ‘im if he was goin’ t’be recognised?” She sighed, “I only sent ‘im t’look an’ report.”

    Reignfire did not like being told off by anyone, but he was here on Earth at Steelwind’s discretion and would rather be here than in Chaos City, incarcerated, so he tolerated her manner.

    “Well?” Reignfire again addressed the newcomer.

    “No.” He replied, “Nor was I seen by them.” When he had finished he waited till the other two had discussed some matters and then added, “I will now retire for meditation practice.” And then went inside the house.

    “Your son ain’t very talkative is ‘e?” Steelwind commented. “Compared to Starscream, I suppose that’s a bonus eh mate!”

    Reignfire again grimaced as Steelwind slapped him in the back, his other son was something of a disgrace to him and would prefer that he was not mentioned in his presence, but this was Steelwind, she talked about anything she wanted, whenever she wanted.

    And if he objected, she did not take kindly to him and he wanted to avoid that.

    Steelwind although not looking or seeming the type, was very much in the same strength and power category as his former master Megatron when in her mechanoid form. And even more so now as he knew she had the black orb with her. And although only had only known Steelwind and her crew for a short time, had learnt very quickly not to get on her bad side.

    He vented out and let go of the irk and asked, “When are we going to retrieve Shadow?”

    “Oh she’ll come back on ‘er own in due time, she always does.”

    Reignfire was not at all pleased with Steelwind’s haphazard and flippant way of doing things. Steelwind had an annoying habit of being able to go with the chaotic flow and come out on top. He did not like the randomness but it always seemed to work for her and he was willing to give it a try no matter how annoying it was.

    He watched as she sat down in her chair and propped her feet up on the rail to relax.

    He sighed as she placed her hat over her face and promptly went to sleep and there was nothing else he could do but sit and wait.


“You completely forgot didn’t you?” Someone asked.

“Yeah I did Laura, completely and utterly.” Casey responded.

Casey accepted her presents dejectively.

“No need for you to give up that one day a year now is there!” Rusty commented in between celebrating with the other Autobots who had voluntarily come along as the group was so close by.

“Hey put me down!” Brawn growled at Rusty as she picked him up and spun him around.

“You’re no fun!” Rusty mused as she put him down and went to grab Hound and Bluestreak instead.

Casey laughed. Rusty was doing all this on purpose to keep her in a good mood and it was working.

She had thought that a bunch of human friends with Rusty in tow were just going to sit and chat and help her work things out. But her friends had arranged a little soiree to take her mind off things completely.

Her main friends, Violet, Laura and Christine were talking elsewhere while Rusty was creating her own fun, dancing with those her size. Blaster was helping them, entertaining everyone with music. It gave Casey some time to herself to think.

    Things really had changed for her in the last year. Not just for her but also for some people around her. But she was always grateful to her friends, always there when she needed them and even when she didn’t.

    One of her friends brought her out of her reverie.

    Laura spoke first, “We have something else to give you…”

    Christine interrupted, “More…to show you…”

    Laura was agitated that she was interrupted and did the same to Christine, “But not here.” She said, “Somewhere private.”

    Casey knew that as proper as Laura was with her speech, she was always as direct as she could be, she did not waste time nor over dramatized anything as Christine did.

    Laura began to wander off up a path that led to the top of the mountain above the Autobot base where they were now having their get together and hinted at Casey to follow. While Christine followed behind the two.

    “What was it you wanted to show me?” Casey asked curiously.

    It was not like Laura to be so mysterious and she didn’t know her to keep secrets, as the young entomologist in training had very little of a sense of humour or knew how to have much fun.

    “This…” Christine blurted out before Laura was able to say anything.

    Casey didn’t understand what she meant, she couldn’t see anything.

    “Christine, please, I thought we agreed I would start this.” Laura huffed at her friend.

    Christine shrugged and looked at Casey, “Well?”

    Casey looked from Christine to Laura and back again.

    “Is this some kind of joke you two dreamed up or something?” She questioned. “What are you going on about?”

    “She don’ believe us?” Christine looked at Laura.

    Laura sighed. “We would prefer if you kept this to yourself.” Laura advised.

    “Yeah we haven’t painted ourselves or anythin’,” Christine added, “It’s real.”

    Casey still looked at both of them in a confused manner.

    Laura and Christine then took off their jackets to show their arms and revealed more of what they both really were underneath and then transformed themselves completely.

    Casey was both shocked and in awe of the fact that two of her other friends were also mecha like she was.

    “How…how long have you two been like this?” Casey at first stammered then she angrily finished the rest of her words, “And why didn’t you tell me?”

    “A long time.” Christine spoke. “Before we knew you.”

    “We had our reasons.” Laura replied calmly, “We were, in a way, asked to wait for you to catch up.”

    The other two females had put away their mechanical expressions and were now looking like normal humans again.

    Christine came over to lean on Laura’s shoulder and said, “You just happen to be the youngest of all of us three, so we just waited ya know.” Christine then moved to bend down to talk to Casey who was still mulling over what she had just been told. “If it makes ya feel any better kiddo, I’m the odd one out here. You’re more like Laura and Violet than I am, I started out human and now I’m like this.” She gestured to herself.

    Casey was not taking it well. She didn’t know for how long her friends had been keeping secrets from her and it made her feel so insecure.

    “Let me ask you this?” Laura started, “Would you be feeling any better now having known your whole life we were what we are, feeling like the odd one out, or would you prefer to go through these feelings now after having discovered you are just like we are.?”

    Casey was drawn out of her confusion for a moment. Laura always did make sense of things. She grumbled to herself

    “Sorry, didn’t hear that, just a little louder?” Christine mused.

    Casey grumbled again and whacked her friend in the arm.

    Christine laughed to herself, “Yep, she’s almost back to normal!”


    Francine had been rifling through various projects and items in her lab.

    She had taken a break from some business work for the day to catch up her little experiments.

    Everything had been very quiet of late. Heartbeat had not been around in a long while due to her workload in Cyberia. Galaxy had left to take care of some business in elsewhere and hadn’t been seen for a week or so. And Aurora was only God knew where, and hadn’t been seen since the Cybertron episode.

    Not that Frankie minded, she worked just as well alone as she did with others, but Aurora was quite good to work with when she was here and didn’t mind her loud music. Galaxy in her android form, not so much. She always complained about the noise and turned off the stereo altogether.

    And Frankie didn’t like it when people did that.

    She had been working on her desk next to the medical lab when she heard an alarm sound from inside the other laboratory.

    Curious as she was she couldn’t help but go have a look.

    She found a rather large amount of what appeared to be mist or fog emanating from a device that looked like it was large enough to hold a human form.

    She bent over the edge of the compartment as it began to open and had a look.

    Frankie was not all that surprised to find Rusty’s old human body there.

    She knew that Aurora had put it there, injected it with nanytes to keep it for as long as was needed for Rusty’s sake. But why the computer was ejecting all this smoke and opening the compartment, she did not know.

    “What is wrong?” A figure had come up to her quietly and startled Frankie.

    She swung around quickly to face whoever it was and found Galaxy in her android form, Nikolyena.

    “Geez!” Frankie panted, “Can’t you tell someone you’re there or something instead of scaring the life out of them!” Frankie huffed. “where the blazes did you come from anyway?”

    Nikolyena raised a brow ridge but then that expression, as little as it was, quickly disappeared and was replaced with something else. She did not answer Francin and instead turned her attention to the device.

    Francine could see a green light reflecting itself on her companions face and turned around to look back in the compartment. But not in enough time. She had to shield her eyes from the bright light and when she opened them again, there was nothing in the compartment any longer.

    Nikolyena commented, “I wonder what it was about?”

    Frankie looked also, “It’s gone!” She remarked. “It’s times like these that I wish Shadow was around to deal with these strange occurrences.” She turned her attention to the dark purple haired scientist, ‘I don’t suppose you know anything about this.”

    “No.” Was the flat response and Nikolyena simply turned around and walked back out of the room.

    “Yeah you’re about as useful as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs now aren’t you.” She murmured to herself.

    Francine didn’t know what else to do but leave the medical room. She could not find any more information on the computer about what had just happened so she had to leave it, even though her scientific curiosity was getting the better of her.

    Better that she wait until Aurora was back and she could investigate then.


    Elsewhere on the Autobot base.

    On the way to his office.

    Jazz was grateful for the fact his vision worked a little different to everyone else’s. While on a visit to the twins living quarters, he had spied something he guessed they didn’t want him to know about.

    Even though he had pretended not to really care what the twisn were trying to hide at the time, he had been able to see plain as day, the mecha cat, that the twins had in their quarters.

    It had some sort of cloaking device that was warping his light sensor but he could still see it for the most part, sitting on their couch, with not a care in the world.

    The last time they had a pet with them, it was literally a disaster. Optimus had even gotten so annoyed at the twins and had banned them both from bringing any more animals into the base.

    Although this mecha cat was not an organic animal like the one Sideswipe had had before, he technically wasn’t breaking any directions he had been given by Optimus, as the ban was on organic animals.

    Not that it mattered to Jazz right now.

    He would wait and see how the twins dealt with the animal and step in before any damage was done if it looked like the cat would sway that way.

    But it still made him wonder, where had the cat come from?

    Then he had a thought.

    Now if he had normal optical lenses, those would have gone wide in surprise.

    He had just remembered a conversation he had had with Sideswipe when they were still on Cybertron.

    Could the mecha cat be the little femme?

    It didn’t seem possible. Most mecha, the sparkborn ones he knew of, weren’t even able to consider any kind of formatting or transformations until they were a certain age in their culture. Very similar to what the humans call coming of age into young adulthood. It signified that a mech or femme was ready to join the rest of society and not have to be relegated to a nursery or some kind of care any longer.

    He had to think about it. He had no idea of the femmes age, and if she had advanced programming in her system then it would have been possible.

    Sparkling physiology was not his strong suit nor his expertise, so he would have to consult Ratchet sometime later when he had the time.

    Given the cat’s now relative size he wasn’t sure if it could be her or not, but it was very possible that it could be. If she was indeed a normal sparkling and was able to format herself and did not have the ability to shift her weight or mass just as most sparklings were not able to do, then the cat had a real possibility of being her.



Thanks to all the people who have been pestering me over the last couple of years to get back into writing. Eps 23-25 are up and more are on their way in the coming months.


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Commissions Want List, if you would like to do any of these characters, please note me. Payment is by credit card through paypal by me, full payments are made up front unless arrangements are made with artist. Discussions can take place, in regards to talking about designs, through notes here on DA or I have AIM, Facebook and Myspace IMs, Googletalk, ICQ, YIM and MSN messengers or Skype (voice and podcast availability)DA PM or Skype is preferable as I'm generally around most of the time on those two. I also do trades for products on Ebay, Amazon or whatever else or money swaps for commissions with others and also points swaps or whatever. And I will aslo consider trading you art items from my online store if necessary.

Also note that all commissions I'm after, it is preferable for me to spend up to a maximum of $100 for each print, this is also due to conversion rates with the Australian $ and I think up to $100AU per picture is fair enough for me. It would be preferable to have these digitally done as I really do not require the originals sent to me in the mail, that and I have nowhere to put them anyhow. Comissioners have the right to put up the artwarks on their account so long as the payee's account name is mentioned in the descripotion and a creative commons license or permissions is used, i.e cannot be used without the payee's or commisioners permission etc. The same will be doen on this account with artist referenced in description here.

To do list.

- TFs as humans: Minibots: Gears, Powerglide, Cosmos, Seaspray, Warpath, Grapple, Hoist, Outback, Skids and Windcharger, also possibly Triple Changers, Combiners (under consideration but not yet definite, probably won't do them).
- Matrix guardians in Mecha Dragon modes (WIP)
- Various other TF OC Characters not listed above, plus Shadow Chronicles exclusive characters also, read story to find them and ask me for a commission if interested.
- humanised version of my snakes for a sci fi adventure story I am working on.
- TF art of TV show/movie vehicles as TFs including 89' movie Batmobile, Macguyvers jeep, A Team Van ( mech form done), Airwolf chopper, General Lee, Ecto One, KITT and KARR (mech forms done), Delorean Time machine, Christine (mech form done), Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Firbird (mech form done), Blue Thunder Chopper, 68' black Chevy Impala from Supernatural.
- Cover/Spalsh pages for my fan fiction/sci fi stories.
- Fan and character art is also wanted for my Inuyasha fan fiction.
- art for TF characters as MLP versions for a side story I am writing.

*Any fanart will also be welcome if someone wants it paid for or needs a trade for something they want, from any of my TF stories.


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